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I understand that during my studies and/or my research, it is possible to reveal myself or to have access to trade secrets and other proprietary or confidential information of the revealing part. This paragraph requires the student to return all trade secrets to the revealing party at the end of the research or study. There is nothing to add here. The supervisory authorities should classify signed DEFERPA agreements in their department. For a period of years, I will present [name] a complete and comprehensive draft of all proposed documents, reports or publications containing all the information from my research or study with the Public Party, in order to verify them. I will conceal or distribute from this data any data that the revealing party is too sensitive to disclosure. Given the access to information that will be useful for my research or studies in the field [describe] by [full name of university or university] („party of revelation“), I agree that William and Mary has approved a privacy policy regarding students, interns, volunteers and the departments that employ them. The directive applies to all students who work in any function on campus (graduate or bachelor, paid or unpaid). The „confirmation of confidentiality“ form for students at work with administrative data (PDF) must be completed and signed by students and their superiors. The student non-disclosure agreement is intended for universities, universities, universities, research laboratories and similar institutions, which often accept student services as researchers or assistants and ensure that they do not disclose trade secrets without authorization.

For-profit companies that hire students through work or study programs or as regular collaborators should use NOA staff and internships for the use of the NOA internship. It is important for superiors to become familiar with FERPA and emphasize the importance of confidentiality to their students. The directive applies to all students who may come into contact with administrative data in any function during their work on campus, regardless of their status (graduate or bachelor, paid or unpaid) or their supervisor (faculty, staff, administrator or scholarship staff). If administrative data may be suspended directly or indirectly, the confirmation form must be verified and signed. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a 1974 federal law that guarantees the confidentiality of student records and general information. The first paragraph briefly describes the general area of study or research in which the student is included. Then enter the full name of the university, university or other institution. For the sake of simplicity, this unit is described as a „dividing part“ in the agreement. Students need to understand that all information they receive in the workplace must remain in the workplace. Students may not disclose student information to third parties unless their position expressly requires them to do so. In addition, students are not allowed to obtain information about student data that is not relevant to their work. (1) Facilitators should check the confirmation form with all current students working in their office or department.

2. The confirmation form must be signed by each student.