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In addition to the substantial omission of one of these 5 elements by the lessor, the tenant must also leave the property within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the tenant waives the right to a constructive right to eviction. In addition, a court may find that the tenant has abandoned the task (see below). A lease is usually difficult to break as it is a legally enforceable contract. Learn more about the consequences of a lease, the owner`s obligation to mitigate the damage, how to negotiate with your landlord and much more. This is a clause prohibiting pets or requiring written permission from the owner before you can keep a pet. If an owner tells you that you can keep your pet, make sure it gets that clause out of the lease and that you write your initials next to the clause. If you did not do so when you first moved in and have a pet, you can keep your pet if your pet knows you have one and you accept rent without indicating that you need to get rid of or move.22 The second drawback of a written rental agreement is that it can impose restrictions on you that an owner cannot impose without a written rental contract. For example, standard leasing often prohibits tenants from having pets. Standard leasing can also limit the number of roommates you can have or if you can sublet. You can try to renegotiate these and other terms of a written lease at any time during your lease. This is a clause indicating the attention that an owner must give you if it wants to drive you out. A termination clause does not mean that the owner can come into your apartment and physically throw you out.

A landlord can never evict a tenant without the permission of a court.28 According to the law, there are specific rules that landlords must follow to evict a tenant. For more information on the amount of notification your landlord should give you, please see Chapter 12: Expulsions. 27 . A landlord does not need to act reasonably if he respects his consent, when a tenant must obtain in writing his consent to sublease under a tenancy agreement.