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As a professional, I am here to help you understand what a hold harmless agreement director is and why it is important.

A hold harmless agreement director is a contractual clause that protects a director from any legal or financial liability incurred while performing his/her duties for the company. The agreement states that the director is not responsible for any legal claims, damages, or losses arising from his/her actions or decisions that were made in good faith.

This agreement is essential for directors as they are responsible for making critical decisions that affect the company`s success. However, the decisions they make may not always turn out to be successful, and the consequences of their decisions may result in legal or financial liabilities. Without a hold harmless agreement, directors may face lawsuits, which could put their personal finances at risk.

The hold harmless agreement director protects the director by shifting the risk of financial loss to the company or shareholders. It also protects the director from any potential litigation, which could be time-consuming, costly, and damaging to the director`s reputation.

In summary, a hold harmless agreement director is a crucial clause for directors to include in their contracts. It provides them with protection from legal and financial liabilities and allows them to make confident decisions without the fear of personal repercussions. As a professional, I recommend that all directors carefully consider adding a hold harmless agreement to their contracts to ensure they are protected.